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10,000 Steps Program

10th December 2020

As a school-based youth health nurse, part of Maryanne Webb's role is to promote health and well-being, and to support the development of healthy school environments. This year she co-ordinated the 10,000 step program amongst the staff at Northern Beaches State High School. The purpose of the program was to empower staff to adopt health behaviours through health information and physical activity challenges. It also promoted team cohesion within the school environment. This year there have been 50 staff members participating in the challenge with 19 members each achieving 50,000 steps in one day with some people reaching this milestone through performing physical activity as a group event.

Staff members participated in the 10,000 Step challenge over a four-week period. Staff members received prizes, as incentive prizes to improve their physical activity levels. The winning staffroom was JADE who received a trophy hand made by a community member of the Deeragun’s Men’s Shed and for those people who achieved 50,000 steps in one day they received a shirt which was kindly sponsored by the Mentally Healthy City Townsville project.

Written by Maryanne Webb
Northern Beaches State High School

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