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What is it?

#MHCandMe is a hashtag created by Mentally Healthy City Townsville to encourage all communities to share how they are going to improve or maintain their mental health and well-being in general, and more specifically during the current COVID-19 situation.

How do we do it?

The nominated person is to record a short video (around 45 seconds) using their mobile phone or another recording device. 
They will need to: 

1. introduce themselves 

2. answer the question "how has COVID-19 impacted me, and how will I maintain/improve my mental health and well-being self-care." 

3. nominate another person to do the same.

This video will be shared on their personal social account, using the hashtag #MHCandMe as well as tag @MHCTSV. An example for the caption would be –

COVID-19 isn’t going to ruin my routine. I’m setting myself the challenge to wake up early and do 20 minutes of yoga before work. #MHCandME #mentallyhealthycity @mhctsv

Check out Annie’s video below as an example.

#MHCandMEvideos from the community

These videos don't necessarily need to be about fitness but any behaviours that can contribute to the Wheel of Well-being.

Why is this needed?

The purpose of this campaign is to promote positivity and to encourage all communities (not just Townsville!) to use the time for self-care. The current impact of regular news updates, social media content and regular updates can impact our mood and our mental health.

This campaign encourages the community to use this time to create new and positive habits that will boost mood, mental health and well-being.

We encourage all videos to be short, snappy, as well as creative. If you wish to speak up about your own mental health journey, please read our media guidelines.

Please contact Anneliese at [email protected] or 0417 478 504 for any further enquiries.