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Dr Calogero Longhitano (Carlo)

Calogero Longhitano

Carlo is a forensic and general psychiatrist who specialises in the management of mental disorders and their interface with the criminal justice system. He works for the community forensic mental health services where he supports local courts, police, and other mental health services in managing some of the most challenging aspects of mental illness.

Carlo has been calling Townsville home since 2018 but having lived most of his live in Europe between Italy, Germany and England, he has a global understanding of cultural issues and how they affect our resilience in the face of trauma and adversities. Being also a family man and a passionate food lover, he has recently started a collaboration with James Cook University looking at nutritional factors in mental health and in particular the effects of ketogenic diet on brain metabolism. You might say, he genuinely believes that "you can eat your way to mental health".