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Pledge to a Mentally Healthy City

It takes real people, from all corners of our city to stand up and shake the stigma from mental health

Are you willing to pledge your support to make Townsville a mentally healthy city?

We don't leave our mental health at home when we go to your school/work/club. We take it with us wherever we go, which is why we encourage schools, organisations and workplaces to register as Mentally Healthy City Advocates and help us raise awareness and connect our fellow residents in need with available resources, tools and service providers.

One in five Australians will experience mental ill-health this year

That means when you’re at school, at work or at play, statistically speaking, someone very nearby is experiencing anxiety, depression or a related mental health disorder. Our strategy to improve mental health and well-being in Townsville is through health promotion and early intervention. And we need you, as the community, to make it happen.

Find out more about our different pledges.

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Community Organisations