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Community Organisations

Social connection combats feelings of loneliness or isolation and supports mental good health

The positive connections we make with other people through sports, hobbies and volunteer groups provide us with many mental health benefits

Getting involved in healthy, social activities outside of work and school is great for your mind and body. The connections you make give you a sense of belonging, of community connectedness and opens doors to new friends you may not otherwise have crossed paths with. That’s why sporting clubs, hobby groups, associations and volunteer organisations are so important in developing healthy, happy lives.

Is your club, group or association committed to creating a Mentally Healthy City Townsville? 

Inclusivity, connection, purpose and support are invaluable when we are looking at making Townsville a city that supports and promotes good mental health. This is easy to apply in organisations based on shared interests or values, because there is already common ground.

Make your club, group or association a mentally healthy environment 

Not sure how to work with your members or peers to improve mental health? We have information packs and resources we’d love to share with you.

Pledge to a Mentally Healthy City