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Everyday people, giving voices to real mentally healthy stories

It takes real people, from all corners of our city to stand up and shake the stigma from mental health

Our mental health advocates and champions have pledged to promote a mentally healthy Townsville. They do this through sharing their personal experiences, spreading positivity, promoting healthy habits and raising awareness about mental health so that more people can recognise the signs of mental ill-health and know where to find help when they need it.

Mental health stories come in all shapes and sizes

Mental health is on a spectrum, meaning mental ill-health can range from mild to severe. Working on being mentally healthy is just like working on being physically healthy; it takes education and action. How do we do this? By sharing our own stories and strategies for good health within our community to shed the stigma around mental ill-health and promote a healthy environment. Because, ‘mental health’ isn’t a bad word – it’s simply a state of well-being.

Pledge to a Mentally Healthy City