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Good mentally healthy habits start young

That’s why we need Townsville schools to actively promote mental health and well-being

Just as we equip students with the skills to read, write, study and tell time, we need to teach students how to maintain their own well-being, how to recognise signs and symptoms of ill-health in themselves and others, and give them strategies to draw on when they experience stress, anxiety or a more severe mental health issue.

One in every seven kids aged 4-17 years old will experience mental ill-health

In fact, mental health is the number one issue of concern for our youth. Half of all mental health issues will present before the age of 14. Suicide kills more Australians aged 15-24 than car accidents. We could keep rattling off statistics, but instead we want to give you some positive news – a supportive school environment that promotes good mental health and well-being for its students plays a critical role in prevention and early intervention, which is what Mentally Healthy City Townsville is all about.

Pledge to a Mentally Healthy City

Statistics source: Youth Beyond Blue.