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Improving mental health in our city takes work

And we need help from your workplace, and we bet you could benefit from our help too

Pledge your company’s support to creating a mentally healthy city and join us in raising awareness, educating your staff and directing colleagues in need to available services. We have developed tips and resources to help your team improve mental health, and we’d love to share these with your workplace.

It takes a whole-team approach to build a mentally healthier, happier city

Every year, mental health issues cost Australian employers more than $12.8b each year in lost productivity.^ When we are mentally healthy, we are more able to work efficiently, show up on time and take fewer sick days. It’s in every employer’s and manager’s interest to foster a healthy, happy workplace, both for the company’s bottom line and for the community in which it operates. This is why we believe businesses are in a position to lead the way when it comes to creating a good culture around mental health, and promoting supportive practices within workforces. Awareness makes taking action much easier.

Pledge to a Mentally Healthy City

^Source: Australian Government.