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MHC Update from our Project Manager

31st March 2020

COVID-19 Update

G’day Townsville,

Without replicating the messages that are currently circulating throughout our media, it has been an especially trying time over the past few weeks due to the current COVID-19 situation. I would like to mention that everyone within the Townsville Community are in our thoughts, whether you have been directly or indirectly impacted.

It seems that we were only just starting to move on from the immediate impacts of February 2019, but I can assure you that over the past 12 months I have seen the community come together and move forward. With that in mind, I am sure that we can continue to offer support to our fellow Townsvillians and follow the appropriate advice in another situation that we as a community are able to overcome.

The team here at Mentally Healthy City Townsville are fortunate to be able to work remotely, and we continue to strive towards the goal of making Townsville Australia’s first mentally healthy city. I wanted to iterate that now more than ever, we need to be maintaining our mental health and well-being as the current situation will be here for the foreseeable future. The MHC team will continue to offer as many resources as possible to assist you during this time, and we strongly encourage you to participate in sharing tips and methods so we may further support our community.

Apologies for the opening novel, but please continue reading below for an update on what the project is doing over the next few months.

Update on our Events

As you may or may not have known we had quite a few events planned for this year, and understandably we have had to cancel all events which we were both hosting and attending until further notice.

  •  Queensland Health Staff Expo (30 April 2020)
  •  WoW Workshop (7 May 2020)
  •  Mentally Healthy Workplaces Workshops
  •  North Queensland Games (10 April 2020)
  •  Regional Day (30 April 2020)
  •  NQ Field Days (14 – 15 May 2020)
  •  Tsv BBQ Battle (June 2020 only)

Digital Presence

As an alternative to our events we have decided to change tact slightly. Whilst we have always maintained a digital presence, we are ramping this up even more so to make up for a lack of physical presence. You will notice that we have increased the number of posts per day to try and negate some of the negative information being promoted around COVID-19. I assure you all that the information we post is legitimate and we will not be sharing any content that is unproven or rumour based. The information we share around general COVID-19 messaging is from accredited sources from all levels of Government, and global organisations such as the World Health Organisation.  

Regarding mental health and well-being information, we are continuing to use a variety of sources of the same calibre listed above. We also encourage those in the community to share any initiatives and supporting resources that align with the project objectives, so that we may increase the distribution of positive information. It is extremely important especially now, that we continue to promote the amazing things people and groups are doing in our community.

Also, I can’t divulge too much information at this stage but keep an eye out for our new social media campaign launching in the next week. We are hoping this will keep you connected while being isolated at home…

Supporting our local business community

Townsville is extremely proud of the resilience of our local businesses and the dependant industries that make up our economy which have been hit especially hard over the past 12 months. With the current restrictions in place, it is imperative that we support these groups as best we can and be patient while they innovate their services to keep contributing to our community. I’m sure you have seen many promotional materials around supporting their services as best we can, and I strongly encourage you to spare whatever you can to keep these places operating. Whilst Townsville has progressively increased in population, there is a small degree of separation amongst the community and I’m positive we are all close to someone impacted by the closures (I know I am).

I highly recommend following the register of local businesses that are still operating and supported by our local council that can be found here.

As mentioned before, if there is any way that MHC can assist getting the word out there please let us know. In addition, if there are any small businesses looking to run a mental health and well-being initiative please contact me here.

Website Launch

Our website has been up and running for a while now and we have been progressively updating information and resources throughout the beta release. Behind the scenes we have been working hard to upload all of the supporting information we use day to day. I am extremely happy to say that following the efforts of the team, we are ready to launch the site as a one stop shop for all things mental health and well-being. Things to look out for in the new build include (but not limited to):

  • Registered list of mental health service providers
  • Self-care resources
  • Business resources
  • Community information and resources
  • Industry partners
  • Animated video

 Keep a keen eye out for this in the next week or so as we are very much looking forward to finally having everything up online (it’s been a long time coming and I appreciate your patience).

Public Directions

Now I won’t harp on about this too much as the messages are already out there and being repeated. I can’t stress enough how important it is to follow the proper advice from the authorities around physical (not social) distancing, hand washing, and of course don’t hoard resources.

Please all be smart, safe, and considerate during this difficult time and continue to be the proud and resilient community we all know we can be.

That’s it from me this round, take care everyone and remember we are all responsible in making a mentally healthy city.


Brendon Marty
Project Manager, Mentally Healthy City



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