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Wheel of Well-being

Tony Coggins is the Population Mental Health Lead at Implemental, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). He briefly discusses the simple framework of the Wheel of Well-being course.

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Body. Mind. Spirit. People. Place. Planet.

Welcome to the Wheel of Well-being (WoW) framework. If you’re interested in health and happiness – from a personal or a professional perspective – we hope you’ll find this FREE online course, taken at your own pace, a great place to start.

WoW online course


The Wheel of Well-being newsletter



The WoW 6-Week Challenge encourages the Townsville community to try an activity based on a segment of the Wheel of Well-being every week. View some of our MHC Advocates and MHC Champions participating in the WoW 6-Week Challenge.

WoW 6-Week Challenge


The WoW Yourself section is a great resource and it's about ‘doing it yourself’. It’s full of practical things you can do to improve your well-being – tips to test, activities to try and places to visit.

WoW Yourself

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