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Choose to create a healthier workplace with a focus on mental well-being

You spend too many hours at work to not try everything you can to be happy when you’re there

Work can be a source of great reward, of social interaction and fuel for your passion. It can also be a source of immense pressure, anxiety and stress. A happy, healthy you will produce your best work, so that’s incentive for both employers and employees.

To inform and empower individuals and communities to achieve their best mental health and well-being.

The Mentally Healthy City project aims to help the people of Townsville flourish and thrive as a community by heightening the focus on mental wellness and through assisting individuals and organisations to better support those people who from time to time may be mentally unwell. 


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7 Ways to Well-being for Townsville small business 

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Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit

Thrive at Work

Heads Up
By Beyond Blue in partnership with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance
Workplace resources
Training and resources
Workplace online

Beyond Blue
Toolbox talks for all workplaces
Toolbox talk training package for union delegates
Doctors’ Mental Health Program
Police and Emergency Services Program

How to ask staff (work booklet)

SMART Work Design