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Need a hand improving mental health awareness in your workplace?

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The first step is being able to talk about it. Get a better understanding of the mental health continuum and how to communicate around mental health in your workplace, with Mindframe’s guidelines for communicating about mental ill-health. 

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Find a training program that fits your workplace

Various training programs are designed to support mental health in the workplace.

Training Providers

We pride ourselves on local talent first and foremost and promote our local providers.

Please contact us if you are a local provider in Townsville and would like to be listed.

Life Giving Psychology & Coaching
- Psychologically Safe and Healthy workplaces - 
LGPC offers a Thriving Business initiative, consisting of two evidence-based programs aimed at contributing to the development of psychologically safe and healthy workplaces. These programs integrate evidence-based research from neuroscience, psychology, social and behavioural sciences, business and coaching. The aim is to educate employers and employees about emotional intelligence, optimal thinking styles, resilience, mindful behaviours and best practice for working together to build resilient and developing businesses. The fundamental aim is to promote and create a psychologically safe and healthy workplace, in which there is a culture of “being well” and “doing well”. 
Learn more about LGPC's two signature programs here.

- Mental Health in the Workplace - 
Easec has an expert team of psychologists who work closely with employers to help eliminate and minimise risks within their workplace to workers’ psychological health. They actively promote and train workplaces in the use of the Mentally Healthy Workplaces Toolkit, an initiative of the Queensland Government. Easec is experts at developing workplace resilience, well-being and positive mental health capabilities. The team works with you to help recognise the signs of psychological stress and distress, provide early intervention tools and prevention training, assess psychological and psychosocial risks within your workplace, and build the knowledge, capabilities and skills of your workers to facilitate positive mental health cultures and achieve a psychologically safe and healthy workplace. Easec's highly qualified team also aid employers to support recovery at work with workers who struggle with a psychological injury, illness or condition to achieve safe and durable return to work for them.
Learn more about Easec's workplace wellness services here. 

Mates in Construction
- General Awareness or Connector Training - 
Mates in Construction exists to prevent suicide in the construction industry. ASIST Training equips individuals within the industry to listen and talk to co-workers contemplating suicide. Connecter Training trains people to be able to connect those who are struggling to a suicide first aid resource.
Learn more about Mates in Construction's training courses here.